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NYC’s Union Square Concert

And hear the song that started it all..
“Save The World”


"It was a pleasure to play for such a good cause"
- Stained Glass, Buddy

"I felt like I was contributing to a noble cause. I'm down for more shows"
- JoChris

"It was an electrifying experience"
- Steve Barrett

"From the moment we got to Union Square everything felt positive and alive!"
- Elias Defils, performer

"It was great experience helping other kids"
- Sinai Rose

"Playing at the Save The Kidz Peace concert got me present to why I play music. I felt very connected with the people and was glad to help out such a worthy cause"
- Andy Rice, performer, volunteer

"What if we all decided one brilliant, sunny day....that there must be a much better way..."
- Dorothy, volunteer

"It was a great feeling knowing my first solo performance was for a worthy cause and we were able to make a difference in the lives of needy children."
- Phoenix Rose, performer

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Sinai Rose Davi
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