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Irena's Save the World

In 2006 while planning a musical event in NYC Irena ran across a group of kids in Union Square who were eager to help spread the word about the concert.

It was a shock to find out that 200 of these kids were homeless.

The ones that we were fortunate to speak with had great attitudes, despite their unfortunate circumstances, and wanted to set up booths at our event to sell their art work (most of them are very gifted.)

Irena was so moved by the their strength and courage that the very next morning she woke up with an entire song called "Save The World" that was inspired by those kids.

The song "Save The World´┐Ż turned out to be quite special because it was the catalyst for the work that has been taking place ever since. Harmony4Kidz came into existence about one year after the song "Save The World" was written.

Today, the main focus of Harmony4Kidz is to organize musical fund raising events of our own, and to also partner with other charitable organizations and businesses in the creation of these events.

Our goal is to become a leading organization that transforms the lives of homeless and needy children by providing musical instruments, educational and developmental programs.

Harmony4Kidz believes in the "Three C's" Community, Care and Children. Harmony4Kidz intends to bring Community and Care together for our children.

Additionally, we have established the Harmony4Kidz Foundation.

"Hart is an amazing talent and she has proven herself worthy of praise with this latest string of songs. There's nothing more dangerous than a Ukrainian born musical talent armed with a great visual, voice and a one way ticket to your heart. Need I say more?" Rock N' Roll View Derrick Hennessey (UK). "Irena Hart music "will suck you in like a drug." It's strength - the impressive songwriting, modern-day marketability and infectious vocal presence by Hart herself. Make no bones about it, she is a marquee talent and one would be wise to keep a watchful eye on her over the next several years." Biz Talk with Cyrus Rhodes.

Hear Irena's Song: The song that started it all

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