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About Harmony4Kidz

A song... and a realization that each of us can make a difference.

Irena Hart is the Founder & President of Harmony4Kidz.

Irena was born in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to United States when she was 12. Irena resides in Fairfield, Connecticut with her daughter and is a singer songwriter with a background in mechanical engineering. Irena used her creativity during her engineering career to come up with several inventions and patents for a number of well known engineering firms in Connecticut.

Now Irena applies her creativity in her music. Her songs are all spiritual in nature. The common thread in her music is the positive message that empowers the listener to believe in themselves and in the good. Irena's passion for music and her commitment to helping others is what lead her to create Harmony4Kidz.

Irena has always had a special place in her heart for helping others...especially children. Following a chance interaction with homeless children living in NYC's Union Square, she created a very special song--"Save The World--which further inspired her to create the Harmony4Kidz organization, and gained a realization that "Saving The World" is an achievable goal, if all of us are willing to play our part. Listen To Irena's Song - Save The World.

Combine Jewel, Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams, add a quirky personality, sprinkle a European perspective mixed with American sense of humor and you get Irena Hart. The acoustic guitarist, singer-songwriter, poet delivers a powerful, folk-infused organic sound that captivates her audiences. Several of Hart's original songs have been featured in the USA Show, Burn Notice and CW's Fly Girls.

Irena has collaborated with a Grammy Award-winning producer, Mike Mangini to re-release, Signs, to help raise money for Harmony4kidz. "Signs" is available on ITUNES Harmony4kidz, founded in 2009 by Irena, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Fairfield, Conn., that is dedicated to transforming and enriching the lives of our local at risk youths and creating doors of opportunity for them through music and the arts. A platform of creative expression guide these young people to look beyond their circumstances and envision a beautiful horizon of another life for themselves. Harmony4kidz and GBAPP have partnered together to bring after school music and art programs to the at risk youth in the Greater Bridgeport Area.

An Open Mic For Singers and Songwriters Takes Root in Bridgeport

Mitch "One Love" Edwards (treasurer).

Mitch to facilitate young spirits to fly to heights beyond measure. His Communications degree nurtures the intuitive, seed knowledge that music/vibration/energy transcends the entire universe with each of its inhabitants resonating in the mind, body, and soul. In addition to acting as Treasurer for H4K, Mitch fulfills a valuable role with the third largest global financial institution inspiring green & ethically responsible investment, creating a fundamental improvement in the way we, the people, run this planet.

Bonnie Arruda holds the position of Secretary with Harmony4Kidz.

Bonnie lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut and has a teenage son. Bonnie is also employed as an Office Manager in a Physical Therapy office. While in college she studied the Humanities and has a background in the Medical Office field. Bonnie is an amateur writer of short stories and poems. She is also a songwriter. She has done volunteer work with animals, people suffering from addiction, and women in crisis. Bonnie is dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of spirituality and how living a spiritual life can be applied to the world around her. In her twenty's, Bonnie was homeless herself. She is in the unique position of being able to identify with those to whom Harmony4Kidz is offering assistance. Bonnie understands how finding a creative outlet can help to redeem self - esteem in a child and give them their own voice. She is happy to contribute her time and energy toward this end for others.






Jim Saxon, Harmony4Kidz PR and Media Relations Director

I first started playing at the age of 5 on an organ that was a Christmas gift from my parents, and  from  then decided that I wanted to take lessons because I enjoyed playing writing and composing. Well, the piano wasn't my first passion as you might of guessed. It was the organ. I learned to play the organ and started to learn the in and outs of my instrument and also learning about the different musical styles out there that I wasn’t open to as of yet.. Guess you could say that the musical bug runs in my family because my grandfather had played by ear and had owned 12 organs himself! I then played and practice over the years playing music from 1930 - present, and everything from Sinatra to Broadway to the jazz standards. It wasn't until high school that I was acepted into an elite  after school program in the arts (Regional Center for the Arts) that really propelled my theory and apt to learn more styles and modes of music under the direction of grammy winning musicians.
It was an exciting time, because I began to transform myself from a POP artist to a contemporary JAZZ artist. I had appeared with my band on television and we were published in numerous newspaper publications as well as radio. I then had earned a 4-year music scholarship to the University Of Bridgeport.
At the University of Bridgeport the craft of music became even tighter a -- While learning and growing in the field of music I was also beginning to develop the itch for radio, and I mean after all when your a musician your need for music is constant.
After all of the education , I then became a solo artist, writing and composing for myself as well as other musicians, and Ive done and continue to dof studio work with independent studios in Connecticut as well with the Carriage House in Stamford Connecticut, writing everything from Jazz , funk , r&b , pop and both Spanish & English Christian music. I still continue to teach , write and also scout out new talent and own and operate my own production company Saxon Productions. And as an added nitch , I also have a Proffesional Disc Jockey Service where the music keeps on playing though Coorperate Events as well as Wedddings and private parties.
Over the last 13 years I've been on the radio broadcasting from Fairfield University on WVOF 88.5 FM where my show Radio Romance and The Jim Saxon Show have placed in the top 5 of the programs that are on the station and I have been working with Sound view Media Television as well, highlighting my music and radio skills. Radio Romance can be heard on Fairfield University’s website ..
“ We are the Creators and We are the dreamers of dreams “ Its our life’s mission and goal to educate and encourage the minds of tomorrow and with music we can build mountains and dreams! ”


Buddy Valiante, Harmony4kidz Studio Manager/Producer/Performer - Genre: Alt Country / Blues / Rock

The artist cites Steven Tyler, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams as his greatest influences.

The alt-country, bluesy rocker has been compered to all of the above.

Growing up in Westport CT, singer/songwriter, Buddy Valiante, describes his life in the small town in many of his songs. Soulful and deeply expressive, Buddy's songs move you to another place and allow you to get in touch with your own feelings and emotions. Listening to Buddy's music is an over the top level of therapeutic entertainment.

Starting young, as lead singer of Midnight Sun in high school, then experiencing rapid success as an opening act for Dispatch, Buddy moved on to befriending Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, borrowing his guitars for gigs and exchanging stories and licks while sometimes spending nights with the Richards family.

Buddy attracted the ear of Jay Newland, an eight time Grammy winning producer best noted for Norah Jones debut album Come Away With Me. Jay produced a demo for Satin Jack, Buddy's three piece band, the recording was done at the Carriage House Studio Stamford CT. and really captured the side of Buddy's songs that set him apart from the rest.

Buddy Valiante has been performing at Harmony4kidz Shows since 2007. He went on Harmony4kidz 2010 National Summer tour and is currently running the Harmony4kidz Recording Studio in Fairfield, CT.

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